greenBee is a family-run online business selling sustainably produced toys and more for children. It all began with the birth of our first daughter. With her growing also grew our exposure to the flashing, colourful world of plastic toys – and the firm conviction that we wanted better – for our child and for the environment. We found that a hard task: choice and information was rare, even if toys were labelled as eco-friendly or sustainable. There was hardly any information on its actual eco features and production background.

This is why greenBee was founded: for parents and others who are searching for toys which are set against high and clearly defined sustainability criteria: toys which are made from non-toxic and natural materials, that are manufactured in an environmentally conscious way and that are packed with recyclable or recycled packaging. Wherever possible, we give preference to products which come with sustainability labels or certification. We have a check-list for all our suppliers to answer – and we refuse products in our store where the process of production processes are not transparent and explained clearly to us. 

Our key principles:

Natural Toys

Our products are from natural materials (organic, wood, recycled materials)

Natural Dyes

 Our toys are painted with natural dyes


Our products comply with sustainable production


All our toys are of high-quality construction

Easy to Clean

 Our toys are easy to clean

Development Skills

Our toys have a positive influence on your baby’s development skills

Each product is assigned one or more sustainability criteria. More about our criteria can be found at Our Sustainability Criteria

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London, E3 2GZ
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