Colouring Pencils
Age: 3+
Brand: OkoNorm
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Colouring pencils (12 colours) – drawing, shading, colouring…these pencils will spur for your child’s creativity.

Colouring pencils:
- These colouring pencils are not varnished. Varnishing can contain heavy metals, solvents and plasticizer
- Children tend to take colouring pencils in their mouth and they can swallow coating fragments, therefore we believe in the wood without varnish, which has antiseptic effects
- These colouring pencils are ideal as an entry material for your child in the arty techniques, as they combine drawing and painting elements
- Your child can easily change the intensity of colour by varying the amount of pressure on the paper 

Dimensions: diameter: 5mm, length: 17,5cm, 2mm lead.
Contents: The lead contains colouring pigments, grease, wax, cellulose derivatives as binding medium and mineral fillers. Wood: Californian cedar, not varnished. 

Developing skills: Fine Motor Skills, Creativity, Imagination.

This toy conforms to the following eco standards:

Natural Materials Recycled-able Ethical Production

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