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Brand: eco-kids
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Eco-Crayons - designed from rocks, eco-crayons are perfect for kids as they learn to manipulate items with their hands, and for the young at heart.

- They are suitable for shading or colouring. If you are searching crayons for drawing take a look at our beeswax crayons
- Made using 25% bees wax and 75% fruit plant and vegetable extracts, these eco-crayons are a great eco choice for your child

Ingredients include: annatto seed, beets, carrots, curcuma, purple sweet potato, red cabbage, spinach, bee palm and soy wax.
Conforms to ASTM D4236 and CPSIA compliant. 

Developing skills: Creativity, Fine motor skills, Imagination

This toy conforms to the following eco standards:

Natural Materials Recycled-able Ethical Production

Simo 17/06/2014
I bought these crayons when my daughter showed an interest in drawing. I love the fact that they're all natural so I don't have to worry if she puts them in her mouth :) You'll have to expect that they don't colour as well as "normal" crayons but the shades are a little lighter. Also, if your LO is like mine and likes to throw things on the floor they might brake into little bits... :(
Jennifer 27/12/2013
I liked these crayons quite a lot. They are all natural and easy to grip. Also very good for shading. I would just change the yellow one as it is a bit colourless.
matthew s. 30/11/-0001
Poor colour break apart too easily our little one keeps eating them so they arent used. )
Hugh K. 30/11/-0001
Always disappointed when 'green' products are sub-standard. these crayons barely work.
John 30/11/-0001
I liked the crayons especially for shading. They are not as good as standard crayons but really like they all natural - and my little one tends to put things in her mouth.
Nic 30/11/-0001
Liked them because they are all natural - good for shading.

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