Beeswax Crayons - Mini (6 colours)
Age: 3+
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Beeswax Crayons Mini (6 colours) – drawing, shading, colouring…crayons are essential tool for your child’s creativity.

Beeswax Crayons:
- Made from regenerating raw materials, without petrochemical wax, these beeswax crayons won’t cause your child any harm
- The wax crayons are made exclusively from natural ingredients, and they are completely non-toxic
- The crayons meet the usual requirements for high opacity and good abrasion
- A slight white haze on the wax crayons, the wax bloom, is a proof of quality and demonstrates the high proportion of pure beeswax
- Your child can achieve an exceptional painting experience with these crayons 

The short, powerful form of the wax crayons is ideal for smaller children and beginners of writing. The mini wax crayons are handy for pictorial drawing, making strong lines and colouring large areas.

Dimensions: diameter: 14mm, length: 60mm.
Contents: vegetable stearin, 100% pure beeswax, more than 25%, purified champagne chalk, lanolin (wool fat), silica acid, high share of food paint, with well-chosen organic pigments stabilized earth and mineral pigments, like used for cosmetic products.

Developing skills: Fine Motor Skills, Creativity, Imagination.

This toy conforms to the following eco standards:

Natural Materials Recycled-able Ethical Production

Hilary Chapman 01/07/2015
Very pleased. Good, chunky, traditional style crayons just perfect for little hands. And non-toxic!
Suzanne Phillips 09/05/2015
It's great to be able to buy things that you don't have to worry about your toddler eating! Arrived really quickly too.

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