The Benefits Of All Natural Arts & Crafts Supplies For Kids
Like our cave dwelling ancestors, children love to draw, colour, paint, sculpt, and create beautiful objects. By supplying your children with natural arts & crafts supplies, you can stimulate their creativity without worrying about them being exposed to the industrial toxins found in most arts and craft supplies on the market.

All of the arts and crafts supplies that we sell at greenBee Eco-friendly Toys are made with 100 per cent all natural ingredients. We vet every item in our online store to ensure each and every one meets our strict eco-friendly criteria.

All Natural Crayons, Coloured Chalk, and Finger Paints
Our eco-friendly crayons, coloured chalk, and finger paints are made from completely natural and non-toxic ingredients. These ingredients include pure beeswax, kid friendly non-poisonous plant extracts, natural gypsum, and natural chalk. The pigments in these supplies are created from edible plants such as beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, spinach, turmeric, and annatto (a tropical fruit). On the other hand, conventional crayons are made from petrochemicals, which contain highly toxic chemicals like benzene and toluene. Furthermore, the pigments used in conventional crayons are made with industrial chemicals containing metals like iron, titanium, and chromium in their toxic forms.

kids crayons

All Natural Colouring Pencils
You may not realize this but when children hold conventional colouring pencils in their little hands, they are exposed to highly toxic heavy metals and industrial solvents. These toxins are lurking in the outer varnish on the pencils! They are absorbed into lymphatic system through the skin and taken into the digestive system when children chew on them.

Our colouring pencils are made with Californian cedar and are left completely natural with no toxic varnish. If you see your child chewing on one of our colouring pencils, as is totally natural for them to do, rest assured that are not being exposed to anything toxic! Likewise, if you see them putting the coloured "lead" of the pencils into their mouth, don't fret. The pigments are made with food dyes just like our natural crayons and chalk.

All Natural Play Dough & Modelling Clay
If you turn your head for just a moment, you can bet your children will eat some play dough if they are playing with it. However, you can rest assured that our play dough and modelling clay contains all natural non-toxic ingredients. These include wheat flour, mineral waxes, natural chalk, and pigments from non-toxic plants. Conventional play dough and modelling clay often contains toxins.

modelling clay

Recycled Art Pads
Our art pads are made from 100 per cent post-consumer fibres and soy based inks. They carry the Rainforest Alliance certification, one of the most trusted international symbols of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Arts & Crafts Projects Teach Your Kids Important Life Skills
1. Imagination & Creativity
Much of a child's life is structured, including pre-school, school, daycare, and even many extracurricular activities. Arts and crafts give a child a creative outlet where they can let their imagination run wild. This will improve their ability to think innovatively and creatively in everything they do.

2. Fine Motor Skills
Arts and crafts projects work well to improve a child's eye to hand coordination, improve the coordination of the small muscles in their hands and wrists, and improve the grip in their fingers and hand. Developing these small precise movements will also help your child develop their intelligence. 

3. Problem Solving
As children figure out how to do their arts and crafts project, they will learn the skills of problem solving. This includes fixing any snags that they may encounter.

4. How To Finish Things They Start
During playtime, kids have a tendency to start things but not finish them because they do not have any important reason to do so. Giving kids an arts and crafts project to work gives them a goal that helps them understand the importance of finishing things.

5. The Joy Of Gift Giving
An important lesson for kids to learn is that giving gifts can be as joyful as receiving gifts. They can learn this by creating arts and crafts gifts for others.

6. Love For Spending Time With Family
Arts and crafts projects give children a fun and enriching way to bond with their adult family members and their siblings. This experience, and the pleasant memories it creates, will teach them to love spending time with their family and will be more likely to pass this on to their own children one day.

7. Love For Nature and Planet Earth
It is easy to combine arts and crafts projects with nature activities, thus combining two fun activities that feed on each other. This helps to instil a sense of wonderment and love for nature and the planet.

8. How To Cooperate and Share
When children do arts and crafts activities with other children, they learn the skills of cooperation as they share their supplies and show each other their individual projects. 

9. More Confidence and Higher Self-Esteem
As kids finish their arts and crafts projects, they gain a sense of accomplishment. You can also display their artwork so that others can admire it and make positive comments to them. This builds their confidence and self-esteem.

10. Expressing Their Uniqueness
Arts and crafts projects give children the chance to express their individuality. This helps them develop a unique sense of self and understand that all people are different in a good way.

Our Philosophy and Conscience
By selling only all natural non-toxic arts and crafts supplies for children, we give our customers peace of mind knowing that their children will be safe as well as happy. We are driven by a personal conscience on this issue and we take great pride in offering this comfort to our customers.