The German engineered Manduca baby carrier is one of the most popular babywearing products on the market. It is also the primary baby carrier we offer at greenBee. This baby carrier offers several advantages over competing carriers. We outline seven of these advantages in detail below.

1. Made From Organic Cotton and Organic Hemp
The Manduca baby carrier is one of the most eco-friendly baby carrier available. The inner material that touches the baby's skin is made from one-hundred percent soft organic cotton. The outer sturdy layer is made from a 50/50 blend of one-hundred percent organic cotton and one-hundred percent organic hemp. The Manduca carrier is the only baby carrier featuring all organic and sustainable materials! This includes Manduca's top competitors: ERGObaby carriers, BABYBJORN carriers, and the Boba carriers.

Manduca baby carrier

Conventionally grown (non-organic) cotton is sprayed more heavily with toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides than any other commercial crop in the world. While experts disagree as to whether or not these toxins remain embedded in the fibers of cotton fabrics used to make cotton clothing, almost all experts agree that these pesticides remain embedded in cotton batting made from conventionally grown cotton. Cotton batting is found in baby carriers made from cotton. Therefore, if you purchase a cotton-based non-organic baby carrier, cancer causing toxins like dichloropropene, acephate, trifluralin, diuron, pendimethalin, fluometuron, and tribufos will be touching your child's skin and the skin of everyone who wears the baby carrier. You will also be contributing to the economy of conventionally grown cotton that releases these extremely harmful toxins into our would-wide waterways.

2. Rugged and Highly Durable
Because the Manduca baby carrier uses fifty percent hemp in its outer shell, it is more rugged and more durable than any other baby carriers tested. In fact, some families use the same Manduca baby carrier for all of their children because these quality carriers remain in excellent condition as more children are added to the family. In fact, the Manduca baby carrier is so rugged, it simply does not seem to wear out, even with heavy use. It is so refreshing, in this day and age, to use a product that is built to last. No matter how many times you use this carrier, you can rest assured that it will continue to protect your children.

Hemp is one of the strongest fibers known. In fact, it easily outcompetes synthetic materials, like polyester, used to make other baby carriers. Hemp is also highly sustainable. It grows incredibly fast. It is drought tolerant which means it doesn't take as much water to grow hemp as it does to grow cotton and other natural fibers. Additionally, hemp doesn't need pesticides or fertilizers to thrive and grow like gangbusters as it is one of the hardiest plants around. From a consumer perspective, the more you use hemp, the softer it becomes. On the other hand, it doesn't wear out or lose its shape while it becomes softer. In this sense, hemp is like a high quality leather shoe that only improves with age. Hemp is truly a gift from Mother Nature and an excellent choice of material for a baby carrier. Kudos to Manduca for making this selection!

3. Long Warranty
Just like an electronic gizmo, each Manduca baby carrier comes with a unique serial number that can you can use to register your carrier online. With this, you get a three year warranty. Obviously, this company has faith in its own product!

4. Very Lightweight
Compared to other baby carriers of its size and functionality, the Manduca baby carrier is very lightweight. It weighs in at around 600 grams (approximately 1.3 pounds). For comparison, the ERGObaby baby carrier weighs about twenty-seven percent more! This difference becomes more noticeable the longer you wear the baby carrier.

5. Super Easy Breastfeeding
With the Manduca baby carrier, you can very easily adjust the shoulder straps from the side as they have engineered a very nifty easy to use side pulley system. This makes breastfeeding a snap. In fact, many Mums nurse their babies while they do other tasks such as shopping, vacuuming, and feeding the dog!

6. Works For Toddlers Just As Well As Babies
There are many baby carriers on the market. However, babies very quickly outgrow many of these carriers. Toddlers need a carrier that is more sturdy and one that adjusts to their rapidly growing size. The Manduca baby carrier is the most adjustable baby carrier on the market. In fact, as your baby transforms into a toddler, there is a special extension flap that adds several centimeters to the length of the carrier for a total length of 41 centimeters (a little greater than 16 inches). And... here's the best part: to use this extension flap, all you have to do is unzip it! This makes it super easy to switch between using the Manduca carrier for a baby and a toddler!

Manduca baby carrier

7. Other Advantageous Touches
The sturdy buckles on the Manduca baby carrier are completely covered in organic material so no metal ever touches your baby's skin. There is also a very handy built-in cap that can be used to screen the sun away from your baby. When you don't need it, it also tucks away very nicely.

With all of the advantages that the Manduca baby carrier offers over competing baby carriers, we are very proud to offer this eco-friendly, highly durable, and highly functional baby carrier to our customers.